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Santa Barbara County Animal Services Final Report #21-076445

We are pleased to finally release the findings of the Santa Barbara County Animal Services investigation. The report was released this morning (10/20/21). You'll find the entire exhaustive report below.

Please Note: While we still encourage you to read the report in its entirety (Parts 1-6), Part 1 includes summary statements from both Animal Services (they visited our facility three times in the last six weeks) and the vet. Here are pages with the summary statements from Part 1:

  • ​Pages 17-26 have Officer Hart’s comments on her evaluations of all the horses.

  • Page 18 has Officer Gonzales’ remarks about conversation with vet clinic and police detective.

  • Page 27 is has Officer Gonzales’ remarks on phone conversation with Dr. Parks and decision to close the case.

  • Page 29 has the vet statement, as well as a summary statement from the Animal Services officer. Officer Gonzales’ summary ends with “I closed the investigation as I found the claims to be unfounded.” It then references her conversations and emails from Dr. Parks stating no sign of negligence and that she informed DA Joyce Dudley, County Commissioner Joan Hartman and DA Matt Harvill that the vet’s did not suspect abuse or neglect as many of the horse’s conditions had significantly improved. Signed AGG

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