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After School Farm Camp 

The Place for Kids to Get Outdoors, Get Dirty, and Have Fun After School!

"After School Farm Camp"
Six Weekly Sessions
Beginning Oct 14, 2023

Limited to 10 Kids/Session

$45/Session ($270 total)

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Farm Camp is an after-school enrichment program for children aged 6-12 centered on raising and caring for a variety of farm animals including goats, sheep, miniature horses, mules, ponies, and full-size horses.


Children learn the details of feeding, grooming, leading, and exercising each variety of animal, emphasizing their differences and similarities. The program also includes some basic riding instruction on ponies and horses, in addition to guided nature walks into the local watershed forest along the Santa Ynez River.


Sessions are 6 weeks long and repeat throughout the year. Children can attend the 90-minute session one day each week, choosing their preferred day of Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. The price is $45 per session, or $270 for the 6-week term. Each session is limited to 10 students.


Registration is now open for the next session beginning the week of October 14 through the week of December 21. 


To enroll, click the "Book Now" button below, then choose the weekday you wish to attend and follow the prompts to complete the onboarding form. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Bob at 805-705-5458 or


Farm Camp is operated by our non-profit affiliate Old West Events, a registered 501(c) 3, with proceeds benefitting the Santa Barbara Youth Collaborative.

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